Save a life. Adopt from a shelter.

Are you Ready to Adopt a Dog?

So you’re interested in adopting one of our wonderful dogs. A dog brings many things into your life, including unconditional love and companionship, fun, play and exercise. But keep in mind its not all fun and games. Along with ownership comes RESPONSIBILITY! After all, you are entering into a life-long relationship. Did you know that in Quebec, pet owners keep their dog or cat an average of 2 years? 2 years! What happens to the animals they no longer want? Some are lucky and are saved by rescues such as this but many find themselves scared and alone in a high kill pound with little prospect for adoption. It is a very sad reality. Please think your decision through but certainly ADOPT. Until the cages sit empty, we need to support our local rescues and shelters.

What does being a "responsible dog owner" really mean?

Let's start with the basics - food and water, shelter, exercise, training, and veterinary care. The food and water part is easy - all you have to remember is that, like you, dogs need a good diet to stay healthy. Ask your Veterinarian for advice on feeding your pet a regular, nutritionally balanced diet.

Providing shelter for your pet is easy, too. Dogs belong inside the house! It is nice to have a fenced yard, complete with dog house, but a dog should never be left outside for long periods of time as they crave your companionship. They should stay inside with the family!

Dogs who are tied outside all day, crated all day while their owners are at work, or exercised only at their owner's convenience are dogs who are being neglected and who are more likely to develop serious behavioral problems.
Playing with your dog, and walking him at least twice daily will provide quality exercise for your pet and keep him in top shape. Also, you will get just as many rewards from this play time activity as your pet will.
Enrolling your new dog in an obedience class is also a good idea. Training teaches your dog both discipline and kindness, and will help prevent behavioral problems that can come up down the road.

Regular veterinary check-ups are a must. Keep your pet up-to-date on shots and have any illnesses or injuries treated promptly. If you do not have a Veterinarian for your new pet, inquire with your local Humane Society or simply ask a friend who has a pet for a referral.

Be a Responsible Neighbor. A dog who roams the neighborhood, chases cars, bicycles and joggers, potties in the neighbor's yard, knocks over garbage cans, or barks incessantly is a dog with an irresponsible owner. When not confined on your property, your dog must be under control! You are responsible for any damage, accidents, and bites caused by your pet.

A dog is yours to love and care for for his entire life. It's up to you to provide that love and care. If you follow the "rules" of responsible pet ownership, you'll be rewarded with the many joys of having a dog by your side.