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Our Shelter and Facilities

The Frontier Animal Shelter (FAS) was founded in 1987 by Joyce Dekker who continues to devote many hours a week to keep the shelter running. The FAS is a non-profit organization and is run entirely on donations. We have a small support staff and a handful of devoted volunteers without whom we could not continue to provide a safe haven for so many unwanted and abandoned cats and dogs.

The shelter is located in Ogden Quebec just a few minutes from the Vermont border. We are about 1.5 hours from Montreal, 45 minutes from Sherbrooke and 2 hours from Burlington. The shelter itself sits on 7 acres of land with access to wooded areas where the dogs can enjoy leisurely walks.

Currently, our shelter can accommodate 20-25 dogs. The dogs have access to five large outdoor runs, a large fenced in dog park where we can play and interact with the dogs and where potential adopters can spend one on one time with our dogs. All dogs are also taken out for daily walks by shelter staff and volunteers. We work very hard to maintain a structure and daily routine for each dog which is very important for keeping them stress free and happy.

Our cat facilities include one small and two large cat rooms where cats are free to roam. In the warmer months, the largest of the 3 rooms is open to the outdoors so cats can enjoy the warmth of the sun and feel the cool summer breeze. They have access to clean litter boxes and we have a variety of scratching posts and lots of toys that help to keep them entertained. A few of our cat friendly dogs actually spend part of their day in the larger of the 3 cat rooms so many of our cats are accustomed to dogs and can be easily adopted into a home with a cat friendly dog.

The shelter is cool in the summer and heated during the long cold winter months. We make sure our animals have soft comfortable bedding and toys to play with. We welcome donations of old blankets, comforters, dog/cat beds and toys (kongs are great!) and always need treats such as milk bones, chew sticks and temptations for the cats. We also love to receive donations of wet cat food as we go through an average of 450 cans per month.

Visits to the shelter by potential adopters are by appointment only. We do not have fixed opening hours. If you live in the area and would like to volunteer please give us a call. We are always looking for reliable, serious volunteers to help with our animals. Whether you want to walk dogs, clean litter boxes or just give our cats and dogs a little human companionship we welcome your visit.

View a short video about our shelter and it’s founder Joyce Dekker.